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Blood Sugar Levels

Blood Sugar Levels

Measuring blood glucose levels is easy with these small handy testersDid you know that there are different measures for blood sugar levels in different countries?

In the UK they're measured in MMOL and in the USA they measure in mg/dL. 

To convert MMOL of glucose to mg/dl, multiply by 18. To convert mg/dl of glucose to MMOL, divide by 18 or multiply by 0.055

You can find a great conversion tool at

It's important to know this fact, so that when reading information on correct levels that you're reading information relating to your own country.

Maintaining good sugar levels is essential - not just because of hypos and hyperglycemia - but because of the long term consequences of failing to do so.

Diabetes Complications

Early on in my daughters diagnosis as a diabetic, we were told about some of the terrifying complications that can arise for individuals with diabetes.

I'll be honest, I ran scared for several years wondering if something awful was going to happen around the next corner.  Thankfully, I've gotten a whole lot better and now enjoy taking each day as it comes and planning our lives as a family.

However, it's important to remember that complications can happen quickly and without warning if we don't pay any attention to the warning signs.  Even then, by reducing and managing your blood sugar levels, you can sometimes stave off these horrible complications.

Regular Medical checksKeep healthy by monitoring your blood sugar levels

It's worth attending for your regular medical checkups. 

These help to give you information on how you're doing and the HBA1C, which measures your long term blood glucose, can help inform you whether improvements you've made to your diet, exercise or monitoring are paying off.

The HBA1C gives an idea of what your levels have been like over the past two to three months and is a good measure of long term blood glucose control.  It is usually this figure that your doctor or consultant will discuss at your regular hospital visits.

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