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Christmas Dessert Recipes for Diabetics


Christmas plum puddings for diabeticsTen years ago, the tradition was to have a heavy, sugar-rich, Christmas pudding for dessert on Christmas Day.

Thankfully people are enjoying trying new Christmas dessert recipes - and you can create all manner of delicious and delectable desserts!

If you love the tradition of a Christmas pudding, check out our suggestions for adapting your existing recipes. There's so much flavour in the ingredients of a Christmas pudd, that the flavours get richer the longer it's left to mature!

After much thinking, Alissa and I have finally come up with a dessert idea or two for Christmas Day that won't have you feeling the after effects for days with poor levels!

Here's a few recipe ideas for inspiration:-

Traditional English Fruit Trifle - an easy to prepare, make ahead dessert that both adults & kids will love.

Poached Pears in Wine

You can find details of this recipe at's French cuisine from Debra Fioritto Weber.

If you're not fond of pears, why not try peaches or figs. You'll find recipes for those on Debra's site too.

Baked Apples with Dates and Orange

Try a simple recipe for baked apples in the microwave - stuff cored cooking apples with chopped medjool dates and fresh orange for a festive flavour. Make a cut around the belly of each apple to allow for expansion when cooking. Microwave each filled apple for approx 2-3 minutes, or bake in the oven for 30-35 minutes (190 C, GM5).

It might also be worth trying out or adapting some of the excellent cooking ideas in "French Women Don't Get Fat" - which includes a great recipe for pears in champagne!

Fresh fruit is always a great dessert - choose low g.i. for diabeticsFresh Fruit Salad

If you think fruit salad is boring, think again!

Creating an exciting mix of fresh fruit can look colourful and really excite your taste buds.

Try mixing a few of the following freshly bought fruits :-

  • grapes (cut in half across the length)
  • melon balls or squares (try mixing two varieties of melon)
  • mango pieces
  • sliced kiwi fruit
  • blueberries
  • sliced apple (dipped in lemon juice)
  • chopped pear
  • sliced banana (dipped in lemon juice)
  • fresh strawberries or raspberries

Add any other fresh fruit that you think will work well - if you buy tinned fruit to add to the mix, ensure that it is in " fruit juice ", rather than " syrup " - which is much higher in sugar.

Serve with fresh yogurt or fromage frais.